Crowdsourcing Help for When Words Don’t Come Easy

crowdpilot.067f3140007.originalWhether out on a first date, in a business meeting or attending an otherwise important occasion, many of us have been stuck for words at some point. It’s those agonizing moments where the brain is working overtime, but still the sentences don’t come. Often you wish the ground would swallow you up or that there was some kind of help at hand.

Fear not, as there is a new crowdsourcing app called Crowdpilot that’s designed to get people out of these sticky situations.


Crowdsourced Games to Understand Animal Camouflage

745px-Peacock_Flounder_Bothus_mancus_in_KonaCamouflage is the art of not being seen, and in nature it is vital for survival. Predators and prey are able to blend into the background via a number of techniques including coloring and changing body shape to appear similar to another object.

Scientists interested in learning more about camouflage in nature are turning to the crowds for help, and they’re using a clutch of research-orientated games.


The Internet of Things: Predictions for Home Automation in 2014

iotIn its short but already prolific history, the Internet has enabled connections between billions of computers (and people) around the world. Thanks to the widespread use of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart thermostats, the much-discussed Internet of Things (IoT) is on the horizon, if not already here.

Built on connections between digital devices and nearly anything that can be monitored or controlled electronically, the IoT holds promise for making homes smarter, improving safety and bolstering digital security. Because these technologies can be used to control everything from garage doors to HVAC systems to small appliances, their consumer implications are immense. (more…)

Open Innovation to Shape Vienna’s Future as a Tourist Destination

800px-Karlskirche1The Vienna Tourist Board wants to put Vienna more firmly on the map by increasing the number of tourists to the beautiful city. So it is turning to the world for ideas through an open innovation competition.

Anyone, anywhere can take part whether or not you’ve actually been to the Austrian capital. There are prizes for the best ideas including an exclusive trip to the city. Not only are there prizes for the winners, but also for those who vote for them.


Novel Idea Wins Mental Health Open Innovation Contest

dep1Congratulations to the two winners of the $10,000 open innovation challenge for ideas to increase awareness and use of mental health services for people in developing countries.

The contest was looking for concepts to help people with depression and anxiety disorders and was hosted by Scientists Without Borders, a program of the New York Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson.


Open Innovation Hub to Combat Bacteria Threat

67168391_d33e637e31Microbes will soon have a new enemy, a research and innovation hub to help businesses find novel ways to prevent the spread of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

The Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces in the UK will design and develop next generation surfaces and materials to inhibit growth of the germs.


Crowdsourcing a Cure for Cancer with a Space Game

gamespaceCancer charity, Cancer Research UK has launched a free app to let citizen scientists help create new cures for cancers.

The software program is a game called Play to Cure: Genes in Space where players have to seek out a fictional substance that represents genetic cancer data. As they pilot their ship variations in the genetic data are being simultaneously studied.


Three Open Innovation Best Practices

energyWhat does it take to generate positive results from engaging with open innovation? How can companies maximize the potential of external knowledge sources?

The European School of Management and Technology Berlin (ESMT) thinks it knows the answers. The institution has come up with three best practices following an exhaustive study of 23, 800 organizations that use online feedback mechanisms.