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Submit your innovative ideas to these contest challenges for a chance to win cash prizes! Enter as many ideas as you like. In the event of duplicate entries, the entry submitted first is the winner.

Winners will be contacted by email and announced on this website within 14 days of the close of each challenge. Winners are then paid by $USD check or Paypal. Your choice. Checks will be mailed within 48 hours of the announcement of the winners.

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Ideation Contests

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Novel Ideas for the International Promotion of Traditional Handmade Products of Apulia
This contest aims at collecting innovative ideas for sustaining the international promotion and diffusion of the local handicraft traditional products and competencies typical of two main areas of the Apulia region (Italy).

Recent Contest Winners


Returning Used Shoes

A large shoe manufacturer wants to start a new, ongoing consumer behavior where at the end of a shoe's useful life, the consumer returns their used shoes to the company from which they bought them.
Winner: Raj Shankarappa, USA
  Prize:   $7,500

New Markets for Liquid Polymeric Material

Seeking new markets and applications for liquid polymeric material.
Winner: Charles John Bhaskar, India
  Prize:   $2,500

Innovating Insurance for Younger Drivers

What are your wild and wonderful ideas that would allow the younger drivers to become interactive and engaged in managing their own policies and risks?
Winner 1st Place: Tarun Singh, India
Winner 2nd Place: Prashant Pandey, India
Winner 3rd Place: Ronald Chepkwony, Kenya

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"I personally wanted to thank you for hosting such a wonderful site. I have entered and won several contests for my work... Because of this my device has been seen globally as well as the United States Patent and TradeMark Museum, the National Inventors Hall of Fame and the television show Modern Marvels. Whenever I am seeking another contest I always check your site first and wanted to personally thank you as it has changed my life."
— Dan Didrick,
Multiple Contest Winner