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Ideation Contests

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Controlling Vertebrate Pests in New Zealand
A client is looking for an ingredient that will help with controlling vertebrate pests in New Zealand including brushtail possums, rabbits, and ship rats. The compound will encourage these pests (i.e. could be "addictive") to eat baits and therefore must

New Markets and Applications for Liquid Polymeric Material
A client is seeking for new markets and applications for its liquid polymeric material (odorless, colorless, non-toxic). The material can be applied as formulated liquid, additive, copolymer, or coating.

Recent Contest Winners


Wine Batonnage Solutions for Large Tank
A way to improve the quality of wine by having 100% of the conical surfaces covered during wine maturation.
Winner: R. Farmer, Roanoke, VA, USA
  Prize:   $1,000

Acoustica's Tracking Print Advertising
How to track Print-based advertising Campaigns
Winner: H. Chmil, Lock Haven, PA, USA
  Prize:   $500

Quality Power & Sail Safe Moorage
How to protect moored boats from heavy weather surge damage.
Winner: A. Currey, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia
  Prize:   $500

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