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Allie Middleton

Allie Middleton

Areas Allie Middleton is Knowledgeable in:

behavioral health care, book and gift product development, leadership

Techniques Allie Middleton Uses:

Creative Problem Solving process, Theory U, contemplative inquiry, including mindfulness and somatic practices

Allie Middleton's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. conflict resolution
  2. teaching/training
  3. writing
  4. internet search
  5. supervisory/leadership/management
  6. out of the box thinking

Allie Middleton's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. researched and developed earned income program for large inot-for-profit institution in NYC (retail & licensing)
  2. designed and developed program to implement evidenced based practices in rural community mental health center
  3. created innovative leadership development program for emerging leaders involved in personal and professional development

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