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Regenerative heat exchanger

Several heat-exchanging chambers, each incorporating two rotary gas valves, are connected to the hot gas flow and the cold compressed flow. The valves sequence the flows around the chambers so that the regenerator materials, eg. ceramic honeycomb, are alternately heated and then cooled.

Fuel nozzle that supplies fuel into combustion chamber of internal combustion engine in the shape of continuous circle cone

To diminish the diameter of atomized fuel drops and disperse fuel drops as evenly as possible along a combustion chamber, we came up with the usage of a valve fuel injector, which supplies Diesel or gasoline into a combustion chamber in the shape of continuous circle cone with an exposure angle of 50o – 180o. The cone fuel nozzle capitalizes Homogenous Chamber Combustion Ignition (HCCI) process in internal combustion engine.

Internal combustion engine with 2-stroke/4-stroke switching during its operation

Internal combustion engine with 2 / 4 (two and four) stroke switching concept. The proposed improvements to conventional four-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) accelerate its gas exchange and allow switching the ICE (especially Diesel) from four-stroke to two-stroke regime during engine operation. Scavenging in four-stroke and two-stroke mode of operation is fulfilled through the same inlet and exhaust valves.

Spark Ignition 50cc Engine with the power 11 kW@7500 RPM and EURO-5 emission

Spark ignition 50сс engine with extreme parameters of operation, capitalizing unique thermodynamic cycle (S-cycle) that guarantees high specific both power (not less than 11 kW@7500 RPM) and torque, and provides fuel economy and environment friendliness – emission control up to the level of EURO-5

Supercharger Kit for small diesel engines with the displacement of 200cc to 1,200cc

Supercharger Kit improves a very common small diesel engines like 170F(E), 178F(E), 186F(E), R175, R180, R185, R190, S195, S1100, ZH195, ZH1100, ZH1105, ZH1115 with the engine displacement from 200cc up to 1200cc or the similar ones. The Supercharger (air compressor) as a main unit of the Supercharger Kit supplies the naturally aspirated engine with as much as additional 40% to 75% fresh air. Diesel engine power and torque increase accordingly.

Quartet Valves System for Gasoline and Diesel engines

It’s to make the head of the Cylinderhead movable Fig3.(3), and, in this case we have the wizard Cylinderhead which give the exhaust gas the high capability of escaping with four holes of the entire valves situated on top of the Cylinderhead(2), and for the admission of the air it’s replaced with entire moving of the roof of the Cylinderhead (3) as one big valve of enhanced admission of the air, this valve when it open it have the four holes of the places of escapement valves with the outline of the entire big valve which constitute the top of the cylinder.

Supercharger (air compressor) for motorcycle, motor bike, scooter, and small automobile engines

Supercharger dramatically improves, up to 75%, performance of an internal combustion engine used for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and small cars with a displacement of 50cc to 1,500cc. The Supercharger is an easily manufactured positive displacement air pump. This inexpensive "true" air compressor has a simple design, acceptable reliability and light weight.


Rollers are executed in the form of the hollow tube, inside of which needle cores are established hard compressed between each other.

Radar Wave Dissipation for Stealth / Invisibility

This technology involves a technique to conceal or disguise the correct size or shape of an object scanned by a radar. Radar waves are essentially confused when applied to an object like a vehicle. It can be used to increase the invisibility of a vehicle designed for stealth, or to add stealth capabilities to a regular vehicle.

Miniature Internal Combustion Engine Generator

The company has been developing its MICE (Miniature Internal Combustion Engine) generator technology to address the need for high energy density portable electric power. The MICE generator offers energy densities that are five to ten times higher than current rechargeable batteries, and therefore is an enabling technology for powered prostheses and other high power portable devices such as power tools. As discussed in the MICE generator description below, the company has demonstrated the ability to achieve very low levels of acoustic emissions and vibration from a packaged system.

Universal fuel-economizing engine

Universal fuel-economizing engine for the transport; generation of the electric power and for a general mechanical engineering

Improved intercooler

Normal intercoolers use the airflow generated by the movement off the vechile or fans.
Improved intercooler uses the suction off the engine to create airflow thru the out side off the intercooler core which replace vechile movement and fans. This airflow is generated by the engine to feed oxygen to the combustion chamber.

Portable grinders for repairing the piece of engine explosion

The concept’s novelty resides in changing mindsets about the subject of fabrication. So far, the classic procedure requires bringing the motor to a machinist center to be repaired. The heavy and bulky materials are replaced by mobile machines and therefore allowing more efficiency. The ease of use does not require a specialist worker.


Replaces the origenal cylinder head with no valves and springs. with Unique operating prosess. Unique Direct fuel injection system for any FUEL! (Liquid or Gas)

Sprayer Device using Coanda effect

The sprayer device using Coanda effect,concordant to the invention eliminates the above disadvantages because achieves the liquid pulverization in shock waves into a ultrasonic field using an exterior type Coanda nozzle,placed inside of a nozzle of additional ejection,enlarged to the fore part,the nozzle being fed with compressed air and liquid simultaneously,the feeding with liquid being made by a device of conduit and regulating and the feeding with compressed air by a uptake and regulating device and a channel practiced into a profiled blade.

Rocks dislocation by hydrosonic effect,plant

The invention "Rocks dislocation by hydrosonic effect,plant"constitutes a superior solution of the problem of rocks dislocation with high and very high hardness,realizing high rate of advance in parallel with some diminished energetical consumptions,acquirement.
At present the rocks dislocation with high and very high hardness of rock in horizontal and vertical mine workins is realized using especially mine explosives.
The purpose of the invention "Rocks dislocation by hydrosonic effect,plant" is the exclusion of the explosives use to the rocks dislocation realizing high rate of advance and diminished energy consumption.

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