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Able Nook Disaster Housing

Able Nook Disaster Housing

The Able Nook is a new alternative for disaster housing, offering a prefabricated and flat-pack shelter that can be assembled quickly with just minimal tools or skill.

Developed by two graduate students from the University of South Florida, the Able Nook's design is based on identical aluminum panels that can clip together with needing any tools. The design also features a narrow room with an arched roof covered in solar panels that collects and channels rainwater to a collection tank. The unit can be placed on uneven surfaces with the use of adjustable footings.

Although originally envisioned as disaster relief housing, the Able Nook could also be used for modular classrooms or military applications.

Able Nook Disaster Housing

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Very interested in this product. I am sure that there is a market for this in South Africa. Can you send me more info on this please
Posted by sean mackay on February 8, 2011
It's a good idea to show this new product and I believed a lot of people all over the world will need it. Please send me info and if possible to contact the inventor.
Posted by bernie sibal on February 9, 2011
Just click on the Able Nook link above to contact them.
Posted by Wendy Wurtele on February 9, 2011
Just click on the Able Nook link above to contact them.
Posted by Wendy Wurtele on February 9, 2011

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