Flexible E-reader Goes into Production

Flexible E-reader Goes into Production

Category: New Inventions and Innovations

(8) Apr-02-12
The first bendable E-reading, called the XGA, is going into production, relying upon a flexible plastic substrate rather than glass as the backing material.

Distributed by LG Display, who have been pioneers in the flexible e-paper market, the E-reader is about 6 inches across and 0.7 millimeters thick. It can be bent up to 40 degrees and weighs under half an ounce, and can withstand being dropped from as high as five feet.

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can speak me retail price ,,,,,,,,,,

i'm layman to your product,,,,,,,,but read about it in news paper,,,,,,,,
Posted by dinesh Tamrakar on May 12, 2012

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