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Omni-directional Wind Turbine

Omni-directional Wind Turbine

The IMPLUX wind turbine is designed with a vertical axis which allows it to harness the power of wind regardless of the direction.

Designed by Varan Sureshan, the IMPLUX consists of an omnidirectional outer covering that directs the wind through the device to an aerofoil propeller rotor similar to those used on horizontal axis turbines. The horizontal blades are angled to direct the wind upwards into the central chamber, where it then turns the turbine's rotor. The turbine's ability to take in wind from all directions makes it particularly applicable for use on the rooftops of high-rise city buildings.

According to Sureshan, the new turbine is able to generate the same amount of electricity as a conventional turbine of the same size, but with less noise and the reduced need for maintenance.

Omni-directional Wind Turbine

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