Sky-Q Hearing Aids Promote Proper Speech

Sky-Q Hearing Aids Promote Proper Speech

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Designed specifically for children, the waterproof, dust-tight Sky Q hearing aids are optimized to capture the high-frequency sounds integral in appropriate speech development.

The Sky Q uses the SoundRecover algorithm to ensure the user has the maximum access to high-frequency sounds, even in sound-cluttered environments. Using the DuoPhone technology, children can pair the hearing aid with their smartphones, and the Binaural VoiceStream Technology allows for ease of understanding in windy conditions, on the phone or in groups. Perhaps the most appealing feature for kids, however, is the option to choose from an array of housing and hook colors as well as the selection of stickers that can be used to personalize the device.

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Awesome collection.. Some really inspiring, colourful designs!!
Posted by aidshearing aidshearing on October 28, 2013

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