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Fiat Mio, the World's First Crowdsourced Car

The Fiat Mio Project started in August 2009. Fiat launched the website inviting people to help create a car for the future, and design the world's first crowdsourced car.

Fiat, Italy

The Story:
Fiat Mio, the World's First Crowdsourced CarIn Sao Paulo Auto Show that happened in October 2010, Fiat launched the Fiat Mio, the world's first crowd sourced car, a futuristic concept car based on the ideas of thousands of people around the world.

The Fiat Mio Project started in August 2009. About that time, Fiat launched the website inviting people to help create a car for the future.

Fiat made the commitment to realize the ideas of the users in a futuristic concept car. More than 17,000 participants from around the world submitted more than 11,000 ideas. Users were stimulated to think in broad terms about traffic and life onboard. The ideas were studied and interpreted by Fiat and resulted in a briefing to build the Fiat Mio Concept Car, the world’s first crowdsourced car, based on the ideas and needs of the users. The end result was summarized as follows:

"A compact and agile car, comfortable and safe with innovative traffic solutions for big cities, a pollutant-free engine and the capacity to receive personalized updates, and changes in configuration, and having interface between car and user."

Between January and February of 2010, Fiat began the construction of the Fiat Mio, seeking to take these ideas of the paper. This whole process is being documented and shown on the web through the Making Of Fiat Mio blog. There you can watch short films about the car’s construction, right from the Fiat’s Factory in Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil. In the blog, people also were able take part in many decisions like car colors and doors configuration.

The car final specifications were submitted under Creative Commons licenses (see Fiat’s terms), becoming free to everyone, including others car companies.

As we said in the beginning, the Fiat Mio was officially launched at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in October 2010. But the project isn’t over yet. Stay tuned at the Fiat website and wait for more news about this collaborative project.

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