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Detects atmospheric nicotine particles, then relays that contamination information to a viewing panel. Draws in the surrounding atmosphere, with a small fan system. Which in turn goes through a series of activated carbon filters, to remove the larger volatile particles. To which dust particles, also fall into that category. The nicotine particles will then be collected, in a lower chamber. This is done with an efficient binding method, to which leaves the contaminated area free of those particles. (A 99 % effective binding method is achieved.) The unit is primarily designed to be fitted in vehicles, such as trucks and hire cars. Though it can be adapted for rooms, such as hotels and offices. A hand held battery operated version, can also achieve the same results. The unit looks a little bulky in it's initial stages, though it is envisioned that it should look like an Iphone. Sleek and futuristic. The invention is designed to help stamp out, breaches in non-smoking policies. In essence an anti-smoking policing tool. I believe the invention is quite cheap to produce, with a substantial retail profit to be made. This is a unique way to detect smoking breaches, much more reliable than the current cigarette smoke detectors on the market. As my invention detects a certain particle, of the cigarette itself. It will detect these particles within 30 seconds and even hours later after contamination. If not in a well ventilated area, such as vehicle cabin or room.

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AU 9 issued 2013-12-05   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$7,000,000

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