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You have found one of the world's largest databases of patents and technologies for sale or license. Your patents for sale will be viewable by our million+ visitors.

Additionally, you will be given access to an extranet that shows how many potential buyers have inquired about your listed technologies and IP for sale. You can add new patents any time, and remove the technologies you have sold.

By choosing IdeaConnection as your technology repository, you will also ensure that your IP is picked up by Google Search, usually within 24 hours.

Your name and contact information will remain confidential, and interested patent buyers contact you directly without seeing your name or contact information. It is up to you to reply to them if you wish. Replying will reveal your email address to the IP purchaser.

Buyers Contact you Directly

You negotiate directly with patent buyers. IdeaConnection is not involved in the technology transfer, and does not charge a percentage of any patent sale or licensing.

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If you have previously listed a patent on our website, and wish to market it, please
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