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New Challenges and Technology Scouting Requests

Below is a list of current disclosable Challenges and Technology Scouting requests at IdeaConnection. The majority of IdeaConnection's work is solving confidential R&D challenges. To receive invitations to solve confidential challenges [SIGN UP HERE].

Technology Scouting

Tool to Determine Cover Thickness above Bedrock in Northern Chile

The seeker wishes to obtain a high confidence, non-invasive, low cost tool capable of determining the thickness of the cover, without having to drill, interfere or alter the landscape in any way.
$1,250 to $3,750 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Identification of Microbial Collections to Screen for Insect Control

A Fortune 500 client is seeking partners who can provide access to microbial collections isolated from soil.
$10,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

ATO Alternative as Flame Retardant Synergist

ICL Innovation Ltd. is seeking a cost effective synergist as an alternative to Antimony Trioxide (ATO) to deliver halogen in the gas phase from plastic composites during combustion.
$3,500 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Non-Oil Frying

PepsiCo is seeking technologies to provide a healthy alternative to frying food products in edible oils.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Minimally Processed Fruits & Vegetables

PepsiCo seeks new technologies for the production of healthy, minimally processed fruits and vegetables that are shelf-stable for 12 to 18 months without loss of quality, specifically, flavor, color, texture, and nutrient value.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Waste to Worth (Value for Agricultural Waste)

PepsiCo is interested in opportunities for extracting value from all food manufacturing by-products.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Technologies for Advantage Pellets

PepsiCo is interested in technologies to improve the current pellet production process or the final products.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Low Cost Alternative to Vacuum Frying

PepsiCo is seeking emerging technologies for either modifications of vacuum frying to reduce operational and capital costs or for novel alternatives that can yield food products with characteristics comparable to those provided by vacuum frying but at a lower cost.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Edible Adhesives for Food Products

PepsiCo is seeking food safe, edible adhesive technologies to enable uniform coating of dry food products with seasoning powders or flakes.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Chemical/Enzymatic Modification for Food Processing or New Food Products

PepsiCo is seeking novel technologies using chemical or enzymatic modifications to either improve productivity in food processing, or to provide new food experiences.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

On-farm Defective Potato Identification and Removal & Solid Sorting

PepsiCo seeks small, ideally portable, low cost technologies suitable for high throughput, on-farm inspection of potatoes to identify and cull defective potatoes.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Technologies for Modifying Food Forms

PepsiCo seeks new manufacturing technologies to produce food products in different shapes, textures, flavors, or with other sensory differentiation.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Alternative Dehydration Technologies, Pre or Post-Treatments

PepsiCo is interested in novel technologies for food product dehydration or pre- or post-dehydration technologies using existing or novel dehydration methods.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Positions Available

Consultant to Write Sourcing Report

IdeaConnection has an immediate need for someone knowledgeable about international raw material and aggregate sourcing in very large volumes (soluble silicon) to write a report.
$500 for referring the consultant that we hire. [DETAILS HERE]

Confidential Challenges

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New Challenges

We continually have new challenges to be solved that clients wish to remain confidential. To receive invitations to tackle these, please sign up as a Problem Solver and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Invitations are sent out based on the areas of expertise you have checked off in your profile. [DETAILS HERE]

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IdeaConnection Problem Solvers and Members can earn $500 by referring colleagues to IdeaConnection's problem solving membership. If the colleague you refer wins a challenge, you will be paid $500. [DETAILS HERE]

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