New Challenges and
Technology Scouting Requests

Below is a list of current disclosable Challenges and Technology Scouting requests at IdeaConnection. The majority of IdeaConnection's work is solving confidential R&D challenges. To receive invitations to solve confidential challenges sign up here.


Industry Challenges

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Technology Scouting

Interesting Bag Packages

Seeker wants to explore all known flexible bag packages globally for a non-liquid product application in a high throughput manufacturing environment.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Identification of Microbial Collections to Screen for Insect Control

A Fortune 500 client is seeking partners who can provide access to microbial collections isolated from soil.
$10,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

ATO Alternative as Flame Retardant Synergist

ICL Innovation Ltd. is seeking a cost effective synergist as an alternative to Antimony Trioxide (ATO) to deliver halogen in the gas phase from plastic composites during combustion.
$3,500 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Ideation Contests

Novel Ideas for Promotion of Traditional Handmade Products

A contest to find ideas for sustaining the international and diffusion of the local handicraft traditional products in the Apulia region of Italy. [DETAILS HERE]

Innovation Contest

Novel Applications for New Membrane Technology

Seeking novel applications for a new flexible, micro porous membrane technology that is both gas permeable and liquid tight. [DETAILS HERE]

Confidential Challenges

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New Challenges

We continually have new challenges to be solved that clients wish to remain confidential. To receive invitations to tackle these, please sign up as a Problem Solver and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Invitations are sent out based on the areas of expertise you have checked off in your profile. [DETAILS HERE]

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