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New Challenges and Technology Scouting Requests

Below is a list of current Challenges and Technology Scouting requests at IdeaConnection. The majority of IdeaConnection's work is solving confidential R&D challenges. To receive invitations to solve confidential challenges [SIGN UP HERE].

Technology Scouting

Creation of Hydrophilic and/or Hydrophobic Films in Situ

A client is seeking technology that would enable creation of hydrophilic and/or hydrophobic films and/or nonwoven fabrics in situ.
$1,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Creation of Flexible Absorbent Materials in Situ

A client is seeking technology to create flexible absorbent materials in situ, eliminating use of rolled goods or baled fibers.
$1,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Consumer Food Monitoring Device

A client is seeking a device, or enabling technologies to perform real-time monitoring of food for pesticide residues, veterinary residues and adulterants.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Mobile Biomass Characterization Device or Technology

A client is seeking a platform or technology that enables real-time biomass characterization for multiple feedstocks.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Mobile Raw Materials Characterization Device or Technology

A client is seeking a platform or technology that enables real-time raw material identification and characterization of wide range of plastics and polymers.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Open Innovation Challenges

Big Packaging for Vinho Verde Wine

The Client is seeking a 1.5L, 2L and/or 3L package for Vinho Verde wine, that will keep the wine's qualities for at least a week after opening it. Current Bag-in-Box containers or PET containers are not satisfactory due to the high levels of acidity and carbon dioxide in Vinho Verde wine. [DETAILS HERE]

Arsenic Penny-per Test Challenge

Design an arsenic test that costs less than a penny per test and which can be manufactured and distributed locally, throughout Bangladesh and elsewhere.  [DETAILS HERE]

Contaminated Water Testing "Tool Kit"

Design a portable, easy-to-use analytical tool kit for testing water for major impurities that affect human and environmental health globally, with information and/or instructions for treatment method(s). [DETAILS HERE]

Contaminated Water Treatment "Tool Kit"

Design a portable tool kit for treating water for major contaminants (biological, organic, inorganic) that is effective, inexpensive, and easy to manufacture and use. [DETAILS HERE]

Arsenic Removal Water Filter Design for Cottage Industry Manufacture

Design an inexpensive water filter that removes arsenic to less than 50 ppb (Bangladeshi standard) or, ideally, to less than 10 ppb (WHO standard). [DETAILS HERE]

Electronic Waste Challenge

Design an action plan or strategy so members of the global community of professional chemists and their networks can alleviate the growing hazards of electronic waste (e-waste). [DETAILS HERE]

Confidential Challenges

Solve Problems for Pay

New Challenges

We continually have new challenges to be solved that clients wish to remain confidential. To receive invitations to tackle these, please sign up as a Problem Solver and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Invitations are sent out based on the areas of expertise you have checked off in your profile. [DETAILS HERE]

Earn Referral Fees

Refer a Colleague

IdeaConnection Problem Solvers and Members can earn $500 by referring colleagues to IdeaConnection's problem solving membership. If the colleague you refer wins a challenge, you will be paid $500. [DETAILS HERE]

Innovation Services

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