The Centre for Open Innovation

The Centre for Open

What we do:

Small, medium and Fortune 500 companies use our platform to create disruptive or incremental innovation, source technologies, and launch prize-based challenges.


Confidential Challenges

High quality solutions to your technical challenges, without announcing your problem to the world. Use when you want 16 dedicated experts working on your problem.

Public Challenges

Find solutions by running a global crowdsourcing challenge. Use when you want 1,000 bright minds suggesting solutions.

Idea Rally®

Dozen or even hundreds of experts collaborate to develop novel ideas that inspire solutions to tough challenges.

Enterprise-wide Internal Crowdsourcing

IdeaFlow® harnesses the power of your own employees to solve problems and answer questions.

Artificial Intelligence

Big data, machine learning, predictive analytics, optimization. IdeaConnection creates the AI solutions you need.


Technology Scouting

Use the power of a network of millions to find technologies.

Prior Art Citation Search

Use the power of crowdsourcing to find prior art where other methods have failed.

Open Innovation Technology Portal

Launch a public-facing innovation portal to solicit new ideas and technologies and opportunities.

Portal Outreach

Increase the success of your open innovation technology portal.


Market Your Challenge

Already launching a challenge? Use our network to increase the exposure and number of participants.

Crowdsell Your Patent

Engage the crowd to sell your patent through their networks, or browse patents for sale.

Crowdsell Your Invention

Engage the crowd to sell your invention through their networks, discover inventions for sale.