The 2017 AI Challenge

Glossary of Terms

Advancement – the decision to advance a variety to the next stage of testing or commercialization.

Commercial variety – soybean varieties that are being sold in the marketplace.

Commercialize – the decision to begin selling a variety.

Elite – commercial varieties that have relatively high performance in famers’ fields.

Experimental variety – a non-commercial soybean variety that is being evaluated in yield trials.

Grower – farmers or farm managers that select, purchase, and plant commercial soybean varieties.

Performance – the amount of grain per unit of land that a soybean variety produces. Grain yield in soybeans in the United States is measured in bushels per acre.

Selection – the act of choosing a variety for advancement or commercialization.

Stage – the current testing level of a hybrid. It is analogous to grade levels in school.

Stage gate – the requirements of a variety to qualify to a higher stage of testing or commercialization.

Type I error – a false positive. In this case, it refers to advancing or commercializing a variety that does not actually deserve to advance.

Yield Test – the experiment in which an experimental soybean variety is grown where grain production per variety is the primary characteristic of performance.

Parent line – variety that is crossed with another to generate offspring.

Offspring – varieties created from the cross of two parent lines.

SNP genetic marker – genetic information of parents and offspring can be characterized by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP). An SNP is a single base-pair difference in the DNA sequence of individual variety.