Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Challenge

Explore breakthrough thinking for difficult AI queries by initiating a prize-based challenge that will inspire multiple teams to compete for the award.

AI Challenge

The Wisdom of Crowds

You have a well-defined outline of want you want your AI project to accomplish. You want to explore several different approaches to achieving your goal. You are excited by the idea of pitting experts against each other to create the best options.

IdeaConnection puts together teams of professionals with adjacent artificial intelligence subject-matter expertise so their ideas can flourish and expand as they are motivated and inspired by each other's concepts. And you are the beneficiary of their collective brilliance.


The Team Approach

IdeaConnection has 10 years experience putting together innovative teams to deliver leading-edge solutions to our clients. Your staff will appreciate having to vet just the handful of in-depth, well-researched deliverables our teams provide. They won't be flooded with hundreds of half-baked "ideas" to sift through.

Artificial Intelligence Proposal
Collective intellignce.
Team competitiveness.
Innovative solutions.

Crowdsourcing Benefits

Avail yourself of the most creative way to achieve breakthrough thinking:
Teams have a higher success rate than solvers working alone
You control your R&D budget
Fewer solutions equals lower burden on your review staff
Diverse skill sets lead to a higher level of creativity
Crowdsourced problem solvers provide every level of skill
On-demand access to people with specific knowledge
Team members inspire each other to new levels of innovation
World-class facilitators keep the teams focused
Curated solvers mean you get the highest level of competence
and more...


Complete Confidentiality

We understand that the confidentiality of your project is of the utmost priority. With this in mind, each problem solver is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Your challenge details, your solutions, and even your identity are not revealed to the people working to solve your problem.

Controlling Costs

Because you determine the amount you will award the successful team, you have complete control over the budget of your R&D costs. The award is determined at the outset, and teams know the compensation they can expect before they begin working on your challenge.

Your path to AI success
Your path to AI success


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