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Hire AI consultants to work on your AI project. With expertise in theoretical and practical applications, we can provide the best experts to fulfil your well-defined needs.

AI Consultants

Artificial Intelligence Delivered

Your AI goals are well-deliniated. You have mapped out and detailed your requirements. Now you need the personnel and expertise to manifest your vision.

IdeaConnection has amassed a broad pool of expertise in disciplines such as artificial intelligence, big data, game theory, machine learning and predictive analytics. These professionals are instantly available to you on a per-project or hourly basis.


Intelligence On-demand

This list displays the depth of AI expertise available for your project:

Artificial Intelligence (1,657)
Big Data (1,663)
Computer Science (4,159)
Decision Analysis (2,479)
Finance (2,720)
Game Theory (1,265)
Information Systems (1,631)
Machine Learning (1,539)
Mathematical Modelling (2,506)
Operational Research (1,854)
Predictive Analysis (1,642)
Quantum Computing (570)
Statistics (1,724)

...and the diverse array of adjacent skills you can access:

Blockchain (632)
Drones (1,036)
Genetics (1,510)
Logistics (1,163)
Mathematics (4,534)
Nanotech (1,251)
Biology - Quantum (334)
Robotics (1,283)
Security (1,603)
Sensors (1,042)
Separation Technologies (530)

With 1000s of specialists in 100s of other categories, you can be assured we can provide the precise talent needed for your venture.

AI Consultants
Thought leaders.
Domain experts.
Exceptional talent.

Success Actualized

"I developed the risk-models for financial institute."
"I developed the analytics strategies for waste-management for smart cities."
"I developed a graph clustering algorithm for categorical data."
"I developed audience analysis and predictive modelling for film financing and production."
"I developed a probabilistic model for a recommender system."
"I designed a solution to match products based on face book profiles and analyzing their interaction patterns using NLP and Machine Learning."
"I developed programs to analyse large amounts of data for trends."
"I developed an automated robot which detects defects in a pipe line."
"I created an artificial spiritual intellegence (S-intelligence) able to engage with problems of meaning and value in order to solve them."
"I developed an AI that watches your systems and protects your business 24/7."
"I developed a mathematical model to understand individual economic behavior and how various interventions and policies affect decision making."
"I developed a solution in matlab for landslide detection."
"I designed a real-time solution for analyzing high volume job lead data to predict the probability of converging to a job order."
"I developed genetic algorithms and flowcharts for applications."
...and hundreds more.


Consultant Excellence

Whether your need is a multi-phase, multi-year endeavour, or a month-long project, IdeaConnection provides hand-on, industry-proven consultants who will develop the AI technologies you envision.

Let your ideas soar
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