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Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit

Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit

Feb-07-18, Melbourne, Australia
Big Data & Analytics Innovation is back in Australia for two days of inspiring, insightful & educational presentations, panel sess...

Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit, Singapore

Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit, Singapore

Mar-07-18, Singapore
With 6 years' history in Singapore, Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit has become one of the biggest gatherings for data execu...

Innovation Summit 2018 America

Innovation Summit 2018 America

Mar-22-18, Chicago, IL, USA
Artificial intelligence and machine learning has become one of the hottest topics in business. An army of startups has been funded...

Data Innovation Summit

Data Innovation Summit

Mar-22-18, Stockholm, Sweden
Welcome to the third edition of Data Innovation Summit. It is going to be bigger, better, more insightful and more exciting than e...

Data Innovation Summit 2018

Data Innovation Summit 2018

Mar-22-18, Stockholm, Sweden
Data Innovation Summit brings together the most innovative minds, enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-ups and ac...

EmTech Digital 2018

EmTech Digital 2018

Mar-26-18, San Francisco, CA, USA
Artificial intelligence is changing every business. Don't be left behind. AI impacts every industry, and every day we see human...

Big Data Innovation Summit 2018

Big Data Innovation Summit 2018

Apr-12-18, San Francisco, CA, USA
The Big Data Innovation Summit establishes a platform for our speakers to openly share their challenges and the solutions they est...


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Articles, blog posts and news centered on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, analytics, game theory, and adjacent subjects.


5 Industries Machine Learning is Disrupting

Dec-08-17. By Gary Read

Google Has Released an AI Tool that Make Sense of Your Genome

Dec-04-17. By Will Knight

Machine Learning and Big Data Know It Wasn’t You Who Just Swiped Your Credit Card

Nov-27-17. By Jungwoo Ryoo

How the Next Generation is Building our (Artificial Intelligent) Future

Nov-19-17. By Erik P.M. Vermeulen

How Blockchain could give us a Smarter Energy Grid

Oct-16-17. By Mike Orcutt

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Have Taken Centre Stage - Here's Why

Oct-12-17. By Mahesh Pancholi

How AI Will Keep You Healthy

Oct-03-17. By David Ewing Duncan

To Keep AI from 'Eating a Table,' Scientists Make It Read Wikipedia

Sep-26-17. By Dan Robitzski

36 Cognitive Biases that Inhibit Innovation

Sep-19-17. By Steve Glaveski

Artificial Intelligence Pioneers Need to Stop Obsessing Over Themselves

Sep-18-17. By Dan Robitzski

Work Smart: How AI Machines are Making Us More Efficient

Sep-07-17. By Michael Feindt

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: Good for Innovation?

Sep-07-17. By Robert Seamans

Mark Sagar Made a Baby in His Lab. Now it Plays the Piano

Sep-07-17. By Ashlee Vance

Artificial intelligence wins by losing !

Aug-31-17. By Stephen Fitton

When Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Stupidity

Aug-30-17. By Cherine Fahim

AI Cyber Attacks are Coming - But What Does that Mean?

Aug-27-17. By Jeremy Straub

Artificial Intelligence Will Create New Kinds of Work

Aug-26-17. By The Economist

The Future of Machine Learning and Data Science

Aug-22-17. By Sebastian Raschka

Visualizing the Massive $15.7 Trillion Impact of AI

Aug-21-17. By Jeff Desjardins

How to Make AI Forget

Aug-21-17. By Futurism