Better Together

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Is there a better path to innovation?

At IdeaConnection we believe that by working together, innovation can be achieved in a more fluid, efficient and effective way.

Combining your curiosity, desire for breakthrough technologies, and need for outsourced experts, with our skilled, highly experienced, and creatively diverse solver teams,
delivers in-depth, actionable solutions that lower your costs
and expand your capabilities.


Why it works so well

Multi-disciplinary teams have been proven to be more creative and innovative than individual solvers working alone.

Fewer, but better researched and thought-out solutions put less demand on your staff when evaluating submissions.

Pay for success:
You only have to pay
for a solution
if it solves your problem.


What about confidentiality?

We understand the need you may have to keep the projects you are developing confidential - especially from your competitors. IdeaConnection’s platform enables you to have complete control over the level of confidentiality you desire for your identity, challenge details, and solutions. You can even choose to remain anonymous to the solvers working for you.

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What is it like to work with your solvers?

Solvers initially provide you with a re-iteration of your challenge to make sure they understand your goals, and may also want to schedule a conference call with your challenge managers to further clarify details. Solvers typically provide solutions after working for 12 weeks, and may require your feedback during the innovative process.


How it works for you

Your free, personalized portal
gives you complete access to manage and track your
challenges and solutions.

Because you determine the awards you give to successful solvers,
you have total control of your innovation costs.

IP transfer costs are included
and contractually agreed to
before solvers begin
your challenge.


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Whether you need a new solution to an existing problem, or simply need extra resources to tackle your workload, IdeaConnection has the hands and minds to enable your success.