Toilet analyzes your stool and beams health results to your cellphone

The Japanese are an innovative bunch. Everything from cellphones to cars and TV’s have benefited from the Japanese pass time of making products better more interesting.

The latest device coming from Japan is a terminal that gets attached to toilets made by the toilet giant Imax. It analyzes your stool and gives you an instant health report to your cell phone.  Japanese toilets have always been a few steps ahead of the west, but this product even takes thinks a step further.

Once you have made your “deposit”, sensors in the toilet will analyze your stool for various trace elements, then it beams a report to your cellphone via infrared. The report includes a unique URL which you can access with your mobile browser where you can find detailed information about the analysis, such as fecal bacteria count, presence or absence of blood, fat content and other wonderful information.

You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for a particular toilet. How’s that for a data dump?

The FKF-20M (from ¥55,000/$558) has already been launched in Japan (where else?), and the company plans to market it alongside Japan’s ‘Bowel Health Week’ in July.

WHat’s next? As fun (?) as this sounds, doesn’t it really makes you wonder if the FBI will license the technology to analyze everything coming out of our toilets? Maybe they already do? How about people insurance companies hacking the toilets and receiving your bodily details?

I assume that they do not keep user-identifiable information, but if it was, what would happen with this data once compiled?

Here’s to flushing away your troubles, just make sure nobody has a cell phone nearby.

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Pretty amazing toilet! I hope that toilet can also function like an occult blood test, it saves money and effort in going to the labs..


Amazing. What will they think of next?

In my opinion that’s a pretty great idea. Any way we can discover health issues before they become major we have a fighting chance. I know it seems like every time we take one of our pets to the vet a little plastic bag of poop comes along. Why not analyze ours as well.


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