Innovation and invention: Why didn’t I think of that?

Sometimes a picture needs almost no explanation:

The clothespin-hanger
The clothespin-hanger

This great idea solves the problem of how to dry all the clothes in the laundry at once, and also helps rid laundry of clothespin marks.  I would imagine that these clotespin-hangers would also double as regular hangers once the clothes are dry.

The sheer simplicity of these hangers is what impresses me most about these innovative and creative hangers.

PACS for Western Corn Rootworm Control



not bad, but why is this a major advantage over using ordinary hangars, I do…..they don’t slip that much


The don’t look like they’d hold up well during a windy day, and if you are hanging clothes on an outdoor clothesline, you want some wind.

David B.

why not put a clothespin on the line next to the hanger to keep gravity from pulling it to the middle? clothespins are dirt cheap, and I imagine these would cost more than your average hanger. doesn’t seem like a great idea to me – just one to sucker people out of their money.

jose nazario

dubsman: coat hangers on a clotheline tend to all weigh down the line and bunch up in one spot. the advantage of having the clothespin hold it to the line is that they don’t slide.

the workaround right now is to use clothespins along the line to let the hangers fall into that.


I usually pin socks up between…sock, sock, shirt, sock, sock, shirt.

But these would be handy in a few instances, anyhow.

Dubsman, you must have more tension in your clotheslines than I.

David Li

Clothesline bow in the middle. If the shirts are touching they aren’t going to dry well will they. A strong breeze will also knock them off at the right angle as well.


@dubsman Positioning. You don’t want your clothes to all slide together; the clothes in the middle won’t get as dry.


You could at a clothpin-style clip to this and ditch the metal spring. Cheaper to manufacture and just as effective.


Why not just put the clothes on a hanger and hang them inside on a bathroom curtain rod or make a stand outside to hang clothes on hangers? It seems that’d be a lot simpler since most people have dryers and don’t have to hang dry stuff much.


before hanging the clothesline, tie knots with 6″ spacing. use regular hangers on the line. the knots will keep the hangers from sliding.


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