Star Wars Fans to Crowdsource Han Solo’s Spaceship

crowdsource construction of Millennium FalconStar Wars fans have crowdsourcing fever once again. Following the crowdsourced version of the original 1977 film, fans are combining forces once again – or is there only one force?

This time it’s to construct a real-life version of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon spacecraft.

This intraplanetary crowdsourcing initiative is known as the Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project and was conceived by Chris Lee, a US fan in Nashville, Tennessee. His idea is to use the Internet to recruit volunteers to build the entire ship – minus the engine!

Model makers and anyone with appropriate skills are invited to get in touch via the project’s website to start a conversation about how to contribute.

Taking Shape

Some parts have already been built including two of its laser guns, and the craft’s console.

Lee has purchased an 88-acre (35-hectare) plot of land in Tennessee where the life-size reproduction will be located.

As well as being a place to live out science fiction-based fantasies, Lee also hopes it can offer some educational value as he discussed in an interview with the BBC:

“The master plan for the land would be to develop it into a creative retreat…a place where a school could send kids and say ‘let’s go spend a week at this retreat and learn how to weld, and by the way there’s a spaceship out there that they’re working on that’s pretty awesome and we can contribute to.’”

Star Wars fans who want to be a part of this crowdsourcing initiative can register at the website, where there’s also plenty of information about progress and details of what is needed.

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