Lufthansa’s Inflight Open Innovation Platform

The German airline has come up with a neat way of doing open innovation and that is with its FlyingLab, which involves passengers testing new products and services while they are flying.

During New York Fashion Week, which takes place this week, some of the flights en route to the Big Apple from Frankfurt have hosted fashion shows and talks and let passengers test out innovative wearable technologies.

Fashion Show above the Clouds

Models used the central aisle of the aircraft as a catwalk, giving every passenger a good view. There was also a live video stream which beamed presentations to each person’s digital device capable of receiving Wi-Fi.  Additionally, passengers tested a range of wearables, including headphones and health trackers.

New Beginnings

The first FlyingLab took place in July 2016 between Frankfurt and San José, California, and the theme was virtual reality.  Themes for the labs are drawn from the fields of technology, health and sustainability.

The labs are comprised of two parts, talks or presentations and product testing.  Participation is free because it is included with the price of the ticket.

“A FlyingLab actively integrates the passengers into the current innovation considerations of the Lufthansa Group,” said Dr. Torsten Wingenter, Head of Digital Innovation. “Together with our partners, we are testing innovations on board and are thus gaining knowledge for further development.”

In the future, the airline hopes to offer their FlyingLab platform and inflight broadcast technology to other companies to help them accelerate their innovation efforts.

For more information about Lufthansa’s open innovation FlyingLab, click here.

Facilitators Wanted

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