3 Open Innovation Initiatives to Get Stuck Into

September 1, 2014 By IdeaConnection

caroldIf you’re looking for a fresh workout for your brain, three recently launched open innovation contests and product searches may be just what you’re looking for.  They offer some pretty sweet financial incentives for the winners and are in the healthcare and motor industries.


The Mobility Experience Challenge – a global open innovation call for car app ideas.  The contest is being hosted by BMW and Startnext, Germany’s largest crowdfunding community.  App developers, BMW fans, innovators and mobility experts are invited to submit app innovations in three categories: “car”, “travel” and “search and scout”.  Winners will be decided by public vote and jury selection. The three overall winners will receive $2,500 as well as the chance to visit BMW innovation teams in Germany and the USA.

The Chicago Open Innovation Challenge – a two-phase competition for innovative tools to help prevent or manage heart disease and stroke.  The project is part of The American Heart Association’s goal to improve cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% by the year 2020.  The first stage of the open innovation contest is to provide a brief outline of how your idea can help manage or prevent heart disease or stroke. Ten finalists will then be selected who will create crowdfunding campaigns.

When the crowdfunding part of the competition closes, teams will be judged on how much money they raised, how many times their campaign was shared on social media, as well as the novel qualities and benefits of their innovation.  The grand prize is $20,000.

A Search for Senior Care Products – Edison National Medical has launched a worldwide open innovation search for product ideas to improve the health and wellness of aging populations. This is a six month search for products, devices, technologies or apps in a broad range of categories.  They include medication management systems, products that improve safety and mobility and health monitors. Anyone can submit ideas through the organization’s confidential portal. Licensing royalties or revenues will be shared with inventors of successfully launched commercial products that result from this global search.



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the innovation for help in the prevent or manage heart disease and stroke, is the wristband in the left arm. With electronic Device that measures the pressure of the vascular area. When change the pressure, immediately sends an alarm to the medical staff, to a person of the family and the patient. Depending on the alarm may be issued a message of urgency for a hospital.
Easy . I am, LUIS FELIPE BRYON DELGADO, general manager of regional company of innovation from Cali, Colombia. Sud
America. Tel. (57)3154560553 or 312 7347392 if a gift.
Posted by Luis Felipe Bryon Delgado on October 8, 2014

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