Air Cargo Company’s Second Open Innovation Contest Takes Flight

October 4, 2012 By IdeaConnection

German cargo airline Lufthansa Cargo was so impressed with the results of its first open innovation contest that it has decided to host another one.

Last year the focus was on innovative concepts for key supply chain processes, now the company is inviting customers and members of the public to submit ideas to improve customer service in the air freight industry.



Although the contest’s title may not necessarily fire up the imagination – ‘Lufthansa Cargo 2nd Air Cargo Innovation Challenge’ – the airline’s bosses are hoping to see a repeat of the previous competition that generated a raft of creative solutions.

This year’s contest has been divided into three categories – customer service, apps and customer loyalty programs. In addition, a ‘free ideation category’ gives participants the freedom to come up with any ideas they care to, provided they’re related to Lufthansa’s cargo business.

Prizes on Offer

The contest is open for submissions until the 7th of November, after which time a panel of judges will consider the merits of each proposal. The winners will be invited to the company’s headquarters in Frankfurt to present their ideas to senior management and members of the Lufthansa Cargo Board.

Other prizes include flight training in a flight simulation center and thousands of air miles.

To date, 60 ideas have so far been presented including an app that tells you how to shop and pack anything, and a zeppelin to transport small and medium-sized packages. They have attracted a community that currently stands at nearly 200 members who are already discussing and providing feedback on the ideas.

To take a look at the submitted ideas click here.

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