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Open Innovation News

It has been an exciting few days for open innovation with global companies launching big new open innovation initiatives. Among them are GE Appliances, Hyundai and Nissan.

Here is a quick peek at some of the stories that have been making the headlines.
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In addition to helping businesses solve tough challenges, innovate and bring new products and services to market open innovation is also used to tackle a range of social and conservation issues across the globe.

From time to time we look at this in the open innovation success stories section of our website. Here’s a snapshot of a few stories we’ve covered that highlight the ingenuity and wisdom of the crowd.
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To source innovative timber building designs Metsa Wood (part of the paper group Metsäliitto) invited architects, engineers and innovators to take part in the world’s first Open Source Wood Hackathon, which took place recently in Nantes, France.

Participants formed three multidisciplinary teams to generate novel wood designs using a type of laminated veneer lumber.
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Healthcare for seniors could soon be given a huge innovation boost thanks to the VABeachBio Innovation Challenge.

This open innovation contest aims to result in the launch of 20 start-up companies focused on creating therapeutics, vaccines and devices for veteran-related illnesses, such as cancer and cardiovascular and neurological disorders.
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One of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is a call to action to provide universal access to clean water and sanitation by 2030.  Achieving it will take the efforts and ingenuity of many different players.

Two of those hoping to make a difference are global biotechnology giant Novozymes and Grundfos, a world leader in advanced pump technologies.  They have formed an open innovation collaboration to tackle this pressing issue.
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With creativity and imagination, anything is possible.  So here is a handful of quotes to inspire your innovation endeavours.

“Some men look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of things that are not and ask why not?”

Robert Kennedy
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Things don’t only go bump in the night they also go whizz, woof, and clunk as there are many ways nighttime slumber can be disturbed – rowing neighbours, pets, partying kids, a snoring partner, machinery and so on. Headphones and earbuds can drown out some intrusive noises but there may be another way and that’s with sound.

Bose Corporation is developing sleepbuds that produce soothing sounds to help people drift off, and it’s asking the crowd to contribute.
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