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In a move designed to accelerate innovation in its manufacturing processes and boost product development, Electrolux is launching the Electrolux Innovation Factory.

The Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer aims to provide an agile, open environment where ideas can flourish and be turned into marketable products.
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Inspiration doesn’t always come in a flash or a thunderbolt. The right circumstances and environments are often required for the creative juices to flow. For some this can be in the bath or shower, while out walking the dog or during conversations with friends or colleagues.

There are no hard and fast rules. If you’re seeking inspiration right this moment let the words of these brilliant minds set you on the right road.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
Eleanor Roosevelt
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Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

So, where do good ideas come from? Are they flashes of genius that come fully formed when you least expect them? Do they require hours with a pad of paper at the drawing board? Are they the result of accidents and surprising experimental results? And what environments breed them?

These are just some of the questions that are tackled in the following three videos that explore the sources of ideas.
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Activewear brand Outdoor Voices is so convinced by the benefits of open innovation and co-creating with customers that from now on it is going to involve them in all future product designs.

The brand launched in 2014 and Running was its first collection to involve consumer input which it did via social media.
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They’re the mollusk world’s ‘most wanted’ the mussels with a price on their gills. Invasive quagga and zebra mussels are a huge problem in parts of the United States and a solution is needed fast.

Scientists are stumped and so the US government is offering $100,000 prize for the best idea for how to stop their destructive spread.
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As part of its efforts to innovate and maintain a leading position in its market Singapore Airlines (SIA) is ramping up its open innovation endeavors.

Through its Digital Innovation Blueprint, the carrier is forging key partnerships with the National University of Singapore and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore among many others. Also on its agenda is a strengthening of its internal open innovation culture.
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