Can Open Innovation Speed Up Drug Development?

July 26, 2012 By IdeaConnection

Transparency Life Sciences claims to be the world’s first drug development company based on open innovation. Officially launched in January 2012 it provides a platform for patients, doctors, researchers and various other stakeholders to contribute to the design of clinical studies.

In an interview with health-care blogger Angela Dunn, Dr Tomasz Sablinski, the Founder and CEO of Transparency Life Sciences discusses the challenges and opportunities of using open innovation in drug development.

According to Dr Sablinksi the biggest challenge is cultural. Although there is a lot of innovation in drug discovery he is concerned that the way clinical trials are designed, conducted, analyzed and reported have not changed for 50 years.

Working Outside the System

Instead of trying to change the culture – which he says could take more than a generation – he’s opted to work outside the current system.

He employs many of the practices and conventions of the drug development industry and adheres to the regulations as he acknowledges they must exist. But he feels matters can be accelerated by opening up the innovation process. It’s about creating a new business model as well as a new culture.

Sablinksi believes that an open innovation approach to drug development can deliver more patient-centric and higher quality results and that these can be accomplished at a faster rate and lower cost than conventional clinical trials.

To read the full interview with Angela Dunn click here.

To read more about Transparency Life Sciences read this press release that announced the open innovation company’s launch. And visit the company’s drug development project boards to view and perhaps contribute to some of its projects.

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