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With creativity and imagination, anything is possible.  So here is a handful of quotes to inspire your innovation endeavours.

“Some men look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of things that are not and ask why not?”

Robert Kennedy
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Interdisciplinary problem solvingHaving years of experience can help people tackle problems on an intuitive level.  If you’ve worked in an area for 20 years, you automatically know what potential solutions have a good chance of working, and which ones have a poor chance of working.

This skill can dramatically speed up the problem solving process, as it makes it less likely to waste time pursuing unproductive/unlikely solutions.  The downside is that the very know-how that drives intuition can also result in bias.
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Awesome Quotes about Genius

Albert_Einstein_violinWhat exactly is genius? Psychologists and thinkers still spend many hours trying to pin down this elusive quality and where it comes from. Here are some quotes about genius that may help us get closer to the answers:

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
Albert Einstein

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Boost Your Creativity with Beer

pr4Has the long-lost Holy Grail been finally found?  No, not that one.  We’re talking about a beer that can help you think more creatively to solve your problems.

Sure, imbibing lots of beers over the years can be ruinous to health, but the makers of The Problem Solver beer claim that a little of their brew can help drinkers reach their creative peak.
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siliconWhat exactly is a culture of innovation? Can its essence be bottled and sprinkled on companies to help them steal a march on their competitors? Or as The Atlantic magazine ponders, can you replicate the ethos, values and behaviors of Silicon Valley, one of the most innovative places on the planet?

In seeking out the answers, the publication featured extracts of a conversation between a historian and a librarian, held at The Atlantic’s Silicon Valley summit.

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Crowdsourcing City Quiet Spots

Photo_of_the_fence_and_tree_trunks_in_the_Wertheim_park_in_Amsterdam;_a_high_resolution_image_by_FotoDutch_in_June_2013There is nothing quite like taking life in the slow lane every once in a while, perhaps a pause in the day to sit in solitude in some quiet, secluded spot.  In our busy urban centres these places are increasingly hard to find and are like gold dust.

If you are travelling to an unfamiliar city you may not know where the best spots are to gather your thoughts.  A new crowdsourcing initiative called Stereopublic is hoping to address this need.

The project is recruiting citizens to crowdsource tranquil settings.

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photo_19239_20110109Congratulations to NUI Galway lecturer in business information systems Dr Eoin Whelan who is the winner of the 2013 Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize. The accolade is awarded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan Technology Review for the ‘most outstanding’ article published on enterprise social media.

The winning article is entitled ‘Creating Employee Networks That Deliver Open Innovation’ and is authored by Dr Eoin Whelan, Salvatore Parise, Jasper de Valk and Rick Aalbers.

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