Crowdsourcing a New Cleanser with Customers

January 28, 2016 By IdeaConnection

blog-feb-03-16Health and beauty company Glossier’s latest product was dreamed up by the crowd.

Milky Jelly is a face cleanser that hit store shelves this month and was developed in large part through customer comments. 

The process started at the beginning of 2015 when Emily Weiss, founder of the company asked followers of her site Into the Gloss: “What’s your dream face wash?”  It came about following Glossier’s struggles with the initial development of a superior cleanser.

To get the conversation going, Emily posed some thought-provoking musings that could help lead to a new and effective cleanser.   For example:

“deep-cleaning, but non-stripping – removes makeup, too – not tested on animals – easy to travel with”

Creating the Product

Nearly 400 comments were submitted.  Many of the replies wanted basically the same thing of a cleanser: namely that it should be exceptionally mild but still able to break down makeup and general dirt and grime accumulated during the day.

These were given to the company chemist who created 40 different versions of a cleanser, before arriving at the final product.

“From those hundreds of incredibly informed (and generally pretty consistent) answers, [we] made a brief that we gave to our chemist that turned into our very own dream cleanser,” Emily wrote in a post on her site last October.

Such was the success of this crowdsourcing project that Glossier plans to repeat the process for a product to be released next year.

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