NASA is Crowdsourcing a Playlist for the Moon

June 12, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Playlist for the moonWhether you're driving cross country or just down the road, music helps to pass the time and makes journeys more bearable. We all have our favorite tracks to get our fingers tapping but what would be on your playlist for a three-day journey - into space? NASA would like to know.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the space agency is crowdsourcing a playlist for its next trip to the moon.

A spaceflight to the moon involves a non-stop journey of about three days each way, so the playlist will need to be a long one.

Moon Tunes

Anyone can submit suggestions between June 3 - 28, the same timeframe that NASA 11 astronauts were making their final preparations 50 years ago. You can send your suggestions via this form or on Twitter with the hashtag #NASAMoonTunes. Music can be space themed or have moon in the title (Walking on the Moon – The Police, Everyone’s Gone to the Moon – Jonathan King,  Rocket Man – Elton John, Moondance – Van Morrison, Blue Moon of Kentucky – Bill Monroe), or not.

The playlist will be aired during a live show on NASA’s Third Rock Radio, just a few days before the Apollo 11 launch anniversary.

Return to the Moon

NASA is hoping to return to the moon in 2024. The Artemis program was announced in mid-May and is named after the Greek goddess of the moon who also happens to be the twin sister of Apollo. Among the mission's aims is to give us the first woman to walk on the moon.

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