University Crowdsourcing Zero Carbon Goal

August 10, 2018 By IdeaConnection

The University of London has set itself a monumental challenge – to reach zero carbon emissions by the year 2036.

To help it achieve this goal it is going to crowdsource a new zero-emissions program, covering its operations and built environment.

Since 2010, carbon emissions at the university have been reduced by 47% and 100% of its energy needs come from renewables. But it believes it can do more and so is seeking the help of experts in green architecture, engineering and design.

On October 12 it will host a meeting for key decision makers from 30 UK universities to hear their ideas.

In an interview with the University of London’s sustainability projects lead Matt Wilkinson said:

“In terms of the technologies, we’re hoping for a wide range of options to be discussed. We’ve invited a broad range of architects, designers, consultants and evaluation professionals and are happy to hear about any solutions they can offer or have experience of.”

“Our hope is for a very wide range of technologies to be discussed so as to inspire our strategy and the work of the other universities who attend.”

Current Crowdsourcing Plans

Although the university is working on wider plans that cover waste, travel and other areas, the focus of the meeting will be decarbonizing, renovating and retrofitting the University’s building stock.

And the university hopes that by crowdsourcing brilliant ideas it will be able to share them with other universities to accelerate their progress toward a zero carbon emissions future.

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