IdeaConnection Partners with Brightidea

April 29, 2015 By Wendy

This partnership allows Brightidea to offer their clients IdeaConnection’s many services, but in particular, the service of building proprietary open innovation community of experts, and research and development problem solving.

It also provides IdeaConnection’s clients with access to Brightidea’s Innovation Pipeline Management Platform.

In their joint press release, IdeaConnection’s Founder and CEO Scott Wurtele says “Brightidea has an impressive line up of Blue Chip customers who have expressed interest in building their own internal communities in order to eliminate the dependencies and additional cost of external marketplaces. Brightidea and IdeaConnection can do this.”

Brightidea’s CEO Matt Greeley explains, “The innovation grid is built on a network of connectors and integrations tied in and through Brightidea software to facilitate and capture the flow of new ideas that surface from inside and outside firewalls.”

Thanks to this partnership, IdeaConnection and Brightidea’s clients can benefit from the seamless flow of their projects between the services offered by each company.

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