Australian Band Crowdfunds an Album in Days

February 14, 2013 By IdeaConnection

Recording-studio_control-roomHiring a recording studio to make an album and then distributing the music to the public does not come cheap.  It is beyond the wallets of many bands.

Australian indie outfit Underground Lovers recently turned to their fans for help to make Weekend, a follow up to their 2011 album. On Thursday last week they announced they would be using crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic. By the end of the weekend they had the funds they needed.


One hundred percent of the finance was raised in a matter of days, allowing the band to continue to make the album.

General Manager for PledgeMusic in Australia and New Zealand Scot Crawford said: “We all could not be more excited about the enthusiasm around this campaign. We reached our goal for Weekend over the weekend… fitting really.”

Crowdfunding the Arts

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular source of funding for the arts and has helped to stage musicals, one-off performances and cast albums.

Jeff Bowen’s off-Broadway musical “Now. Here. This.” closed last year after a good run and positive reviews. Off-Broadway productions tend not to have major record labels competing with each other to get them recorded so Bowen and his collaborators looked for other sources of finance.

They set up a project on Kickstarter, asking for $75,000.  The money would be for musicians, studio time, and CD production costs. About four weeks later, $89,000 had been pledged.

As Bowen and Underground Lovers realize, a loyal community of fans is often willing to pull together to hear more work by artists they love.

Fans can still make contributions to Underground Lovers’ PledgeMusic page.

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