Discover the Key Ingredient for Open Innovation Success

October 27, 2013 By IdeaConnection

Emo_Ticon_IVSo, what do you think is the one vital ingredient that can make open innovation work? That quintessential something that will ensure that companies and organisations can reap the maximum benefit of tapping external knowledge sources.

Boris Pluskowski over at Business2Community thinks he knows what it is – unhappiness.

In writing his article, Boris considers initiatives where companies have targeted their consumers for ideas. He says that one of the problems with that approach is long-standing customers will only ever deliver iterations of existing products such as new flavours, colours and add-ons, rather than radical thinking.

That’s because they are generally happy with what they are being served (that is why they are loyal customers after all), so what is the need to come up with something new?

At Odds with the Status Quo

But in order to innovate Pluskowski believes that you have to be “in a motivated state to look at/consider new options and solutions. You have to be unhappy with the current status quo.”  Being in such a state puts the fire in the belly and gives people the incentive they need to originate.

He adds that the bigger ideas that a firm is looking for the higher up the “unhappiness scale” they must go.

The article provides solutions and examples of how to use unhappiness to innovate.  It includes a case study of one company that created a new market for themselves that added an additional $7 million in the debut year.

Pluskowski also discusses targeting the unhappiest people of all, the customers who aren’t buying from you.

To read the full article, click here.

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