Free Open Innovation Webinar by Stefan Lindegaard

March 20, 2013 By IdeaConnection

slindStefan Lindegaard is an open innovation and social media thought leader and author of numerous books on OI including The Open Innovation Revolution and Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

He has just posted a free webinar on his website that explores the fundamentals of open innovation.  It is illustrated with case histories, good and bad examples and his thoughts on where OI is heading.


The wide ranging and insightful webinar was sponsored by the CSC Office of Innovation. During the presentation Stefan touched on a number of important topics that included:

  • The pace of change is going to speed up and the window of opportunity to launch new products will shrink. Timing is going to be more important than ever. Open innovation allows companies to hit this window of opportunity, making them competitively unpredictable.
  • The future business winners are those that will make their innovation communities work. This includes using social media to bring in virtual members in addition to typical offline members such as suppliers. Success will involve answering such questions as – how do you make intellectual property work in these communities? How do you attract, engage and keep members of a community?
  • Stefan’s belief that in five to seven years’ time we won’t even be talking about open innovation as it will be a standard practice in all industries.
  • Companies need to work on how to get the right kind of external input into their innovation processes.
  • Open innovation is a mindset and philosophy.


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