GSK Opens its Doors Wider to Tackle Global Health Issues

October 15, 2012 By IdeaConnection

pharmaceuticals and open innovationPharmaceutical giant GSK is one of open innovation’s biggest cheerleaders with extensive engagement with external expertise. But there’s still more that it wants to do towards greater openness, transparency and collaboration.

According to a press statement GSK is going to expand its open innovation activities to speed up research and create better drugs to help tackle global health issues.

Among its new measures will be:

Stimulate research into tuberculosis (TB) by making its ‘compound library’ available to the public. The library includes approximately 200 compounds that might be able to inhibit TB bacteria. GSK scientists have screened 2 million compounds and will publish the results in a scientific journal.

Provide an additional £5 million funding (approx. USD 8 million) to GSK’s Tres Cantos Open Lab (Spain). This facility allows independent researchers to use GSK resources and knowledge for their own research endeavors into diseases of the developing world.

Create a system that will allow researchers to access detailed anonymous patient-level data from the results of clinical trials of GSK approved medicines and discontinued investigational medicines.

Expand on its practice of sharing with researchers detailed data from its clinical trials – to boost scientific knowledge and understanding. The information, whether positive or negative is published on a website that is accessible to all.

“As a truly global healthcare company, I believe we have a responsibility to do all we can at GSK to use our resources, knowledge and expertise to help tackle serious global health challenges,” said GSK CEO Sir Andrew Witty. “However, the complexity of the science and the scale of the challenge mean that we cannot solve these problems alone.”

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