How the Crowd is Identifying Products in Web Images

October 30, 2012 By IdeaConnection

using the crowd to identify productsYou may well be familiar with the problem. You are surfing online and see a picture of someone wearing an item of apparel that you quite like the look of, say a pair of jeans or sneakers.

You want to purchase them, they must be yours soon, but there’s no indication of how much they cost, the brand name or where you can buy them.

Divorced of their context, because the images are not linked back to their source you pound the keyboard in frustration. But those days are gone now, and it’s all thanks to the crowd, and a new website called CrowdSend.


Unraveling Mysteries

The mystery of these images is a mystery no longer.  This crowd platform and its patent-pending method encourages users who stumble across pictures of items they like – but don’t know where to buy them – to upload a photo for the CrowdSend community to identify.

Members then make suggestions and the highest rated answer gets tagged to the image. Participation is encouraged with the sweet carrots of product discounts for correctly identifying products.

Good News for Brands

Businesses are also able to get something out of this platform as community members can interact with the products by adding them to their wish lists and ‘liking’ them. This information is forwarded to the relevant companies giving them valuable insights into what their consumers are saying about them online.

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Thanks for your comment Tim. Good luck with the site, we watch with interest at this exciting endeavor.
Posted by IdeaConnection on November 3, 2012

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