Innovation Strikes Like Lightning

August 18, 2008 By Peter
Courtesy Wikimedia

When the unexpected jumps out and smacks you in the face, it usually means, “Pay attention! A great innovation waits to be found.” So we just might look for a connection between Usain Bolt’s record-smashing 100-meter, gold-medal dash and the fact that he could be called a 200-meter specialist.

Is this akin to the Ali Shuffle or the Fosbury Flop or Sam Wyche’s No-Huddle offense? Has Usain’s coach Glen Mills invented a way to build a better 100-meter runner with 200-meter preparation?

Probably not. It seems he has actually discouraged Lightning from running the shorter distance. Or was that part of Mills’s plan? According to the Olympic announcers, the runner had to beg his coach to let him go for the 100-meter gold. Another story says Mills allowed Bolt to run the 100 at one point only if he broke the 200 record.

If every sensation holds the key to an innovation, there’s gold in this world record.

Peter Lloyd writes Right Brain Workouts for IdeaConnection.

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