K2 Eco Pop – A Snowboard Made for Women, By Women

January 19, 2010 By Kristeen

Most women’s snowboards are simply men’s boards made in smaller versions. Recently, with the help and inspiration of pro rider Gretchen Bleiler, K2 designed an all terrain snowboard specifically for women. The ‘hybrilight’ construction is eco-friendly and ultra light. The board is designed on the new K2 flatline rocker, which is neither rockered nor cambered, just flat from tip to tip.  The Eco Pop performs best in the park, as the flatline technology makes spins and landing jumps practically a second thought, and the board’s pop and flex can’t be beat.

The snowboard won Snowboard Magazine’s ‘Best of Test 2009‘ after hundreds of riders rode thousands of demo models and chose the K2 Eco Pop as the women’s winner.

Gretchen Bleiler riding her new pro model snowboard, the K2 Eco Pop.

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