Length of New Bridge Determined by the Crowd

May 15, 2012 By IdeaConnection

If you wanted a new structure, monument or installation to liven up your town, village or city, would you be prepared to pay directly for it?

A crowdfunding initiative in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is giving citizens the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are to fund a pedestrian wooden bridge, the size of which will be dictated by the amount of money pledged.

It’s all part of the I Make Rotterdam project which was recently launched by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and architectural firm ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles), with a brief to find smart ways of making cities more liveable.

The project focuses on the area that stretches from Rotterdam Central District to Pompenburg and Hofbogen. “Our challenge is to use unconventional means to enliven the area rapidly by creating pedestrian connections and reinforce existing programs,” the project explains.

With regards to the bridge (called The Luchtsingel) the aim is for a raised promenade that spans 350 metres, which will require 17,500 planks. Members of the public can donate EUR 25 for one plank, EUR 125 for a piece and EUR 1,250 for a bridge section.  As a reward donors will see their names written on one of the planks or bridge section.

Crowdfunding Advantages

By turning to the crowd for financial support the bridge can be built and contribute to the area’s regeneration independent of policy plans that can sometimes slowdown public building projects.

To date more than 1000 people have contributed and 14% of the bridge has been built.

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