Overcoming Big Data Challenges

October 27, 2018 By IdeaConnection

World Data ForumBig data has huge potential to facilitate the delivery of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, but it is being hampered by a number of complications.

This was one of the key messages coming out of the second UN World Data Forum which was held in Dubai earlier this week.  But delegates also heard some good news and that was a possible way to get big data to the next level.

Among the current complications are data misuse and the possibility of data misuses. These are two of the reasons why many big data projects never get beyond the pilot stage according to Robert Kirkpatrick, the director of United Nations Global Pulse.

Other roadblocks include a public sector that is unwilling to rely on the private sector for continuous streams of data and a lack of regulations and agreements in this sector. Speakers at the forum drew attention to several additional challenges:

  • Greater education was needed about the benefits of big data.
  • More sharing and cooperation is needed.
  • More governments need to adopt and use big data projects.
  • Widespread concerns about privacy.


A Big Data Solution?

One possible solution highlighted at the forum that could overcome these big data challenges is the creation of data stewards as a sole profession as opposed to having some of their responsibilities assumed by other professionals. 

Among the duties they could perform would be acting to make public-private partnerships work and thinking strategically of the value of big data and how it can be delivered.


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