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December 2, 2010 By Aminda

With the end of the year rapidly approaching it’s a great time to start thinking ahead, setting goals and committing to education, networking and other ways to keep up the momentum of your innovation efforts.  To help you with those plans, here is calendar of the major Innovation conferences and events to be held around the world in 2011. One of these might be just what you need!










24-26 January, 2011

CoDev, Scottsdale Arizona

At the TENTH annual conference on Co-Development and Open Innovation: Accessing Networks & Knowledge to Create Business Value you can expect to hear from and network with top open innovation thought leaders and advanced practitioners across multiple industries on questions that are challenging early open innovation adopters.

 29-31 March, 2011

European Innovation Conference, Billund, Denmark

The inaugural EIC conference is a new and exclusive platform for innovation practitioners from large corporations in Europe (over EUR 500 m in turnover). At the conference more than 200 innovation practitioners from large corporations in Europe will engage actively with one another on current innovation practices, with a focus on open innovation and new business creation.

 12-15, June 2011

XXII ISPIM Conference, Hamburg, Germany

This year’s Conference – Sustainability in Innovation: Innovation Management Challenges is organised by ISPIM and hosted by The Hamburg University of Technology and will bring together innovation management professionals from research, industry and intermediary organisations. The conference format will include facilitated themed sessions for academic and practitioner presentations together with discussion panels and workshops. Additionally, the conference will provide excellent networking opportunities together with a taste of local culture.

14-15, June 2011

INPEX, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

This new innovation conference, hosted by InventHelp® and INPEX®, America’s Largest Invention Show, will bring together top notch open innovation leaders and advanced practitioners from multiple industries to address and provide leadership to accelerate your innovation-to-market cycle.

 28-30 June, 2011

R&D Management Conference, Norrkoping, Sweden

Focusing on R&D, Sustainability and Innovation and the need for new ideas, initiatives and alliances.


14-16 Sep 2011

4th Annual Innovation Excellence, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This marcus evans conference brings together key industry experts to give a clear insight into the specifics of successful innovation management, working with limited resources, creating innovation-friendly environment and gaining customer insights. Experts from different industries will present case studies focusing on successful practice, effective ways to develop innovation and remain competitive.


28-30 September 2011

World Innovation Convention, Cannes, France

We engage innovation leaders & experts for 3 exciting days to collaborate on our global platform, share their success stories and discuss the framework towards accelerating innovation in their companies. Case studies provide a invaluable information in how to become a low cost producer to improve the profitability while expanding customer base, and increasing the brand loyalty. Interactive sessions are designed to connect audience in an energising and creative manner. Idea sharing helps the participants to rejuvenate their creative pulses.

Is there anything missing? Please share.  


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