Strength in Numbers

February 22, 2010 By Kristeen

With his Master’s Degree in Biochemistry, Joseph Hawumba returned to Makerere University where he teaches biochemistry to science, medical, and veterinary students. He also carries out frontline scientific research and writes academic papers. Hawumba became a Problem Solver on IdeaConnection and was recently interviewed on his success.

What first attracted you to IdeaConnection?
The IdeaConnection concept is good because you collaborate, instead of it being one person solving a challenge. You are stronger when you are more than one and the solution becomes simplified. That was one of the major reasons that drew me to IdeaConnection because it attracts people from different fields to solve a problem.

Read more of Joseph Hawumba’s Interview, You are Stronger When you are More than One.

Become a Problem Solver with IdeaConnection and start working on a new challenge today.

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