Thwarting Porch Pirates with a Glitter Bomb

December 18, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Glitter Bomb 2.0During the festive season, it's not only Santa who does the rounds delivering presents but also courier companies. However, their employees can't slip down the chimney to unload the goodies; they have to leave them on doorsteps if no one is there to receive them. 

However, so-called porch pirates could be watching ready to swipe them from outside people's houses. To deter these robbers, YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober has created an exploding glitter bomb.

After experiencing package theft last year, Rober decided to get his own back on the thieves and created the original glitter bomb. It looked like a real parcel and emitted glitter and a foul smell when touched by thieves. 

Unpleasant Surprise

This year the inventor has a new and improved version with stronger smells, cameras that upload a video of the thief to the cloud, and sound effects such as a recording of police chatter.

A video of the latest version of his innovation was posted on his YouTube channel a few days ago and is titled "Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb trap 2.0,". Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin makes an appearance to help with testing the device.

Rober says he has spent the last ten months retooling the bomb and distributed them to ten volunteers across the United States. 

For those of us without a glitter bomb, we can try and keep the porch pirates away by asking neighbors to keep an eye out, having packages delivered to work or the local post office, or asking carriers to leave boxes out of plain view.


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