Wally Hermes Megayacht

February 15, 2010 By Kristeen

A joint venture between French high fashion house Hermes and Wally Yachts formed to create Wally Hermes Yachts (WHY). Their first motor yacht redefines luxury living at sea; the 58 x 38 meters, multi-story floating personal holiday resort features almost an acre of floor space and an ultra-stable Norwegian Ramform hull. Its diesel-electric propulsion is the most efficient motorization to date and was conceived to reduce energy consumption up to 200 tons of diesel per year. Photovoltaic panels cover almost 900 square meters and generate enough energy to supplement most of the boat’s auxiliary system needs. It can cruise at 12 knots in a Force 4 gale and has enough range to cross the Atlantic four times without refueling.

According to gizmag.com “WHY Research and Development plan to optimize this project’s energy consumption by improving the isolation of the yacht and the heat recovery of its engines, and is also investigating the latest wind energy production and wind propulsion system technologies.”

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