What’s Next at CES 2019?

January 9, 2019 By IdeaConnection

CES 2019It is that time of year where technology enthusiasts flock to Las Vegas for one of the biggest consumer technology showcases in the world.

CES 2019 has officially opened its doors and for the next couple of days thousands of companies will be unveiling and showing off their latest concepts and products. Here is just a small selection of some of the most interesting so far that have caught our attention.

Breath-sniffing gadgets for diet improvement - Lumen and FoodMarble are pocket-sized devices that users blow into and which analyze gases in people's breath. They connect to smartphone apps which reveal how well food is being digested and suggest dietary improvements.

A car that walks - Hyundai has revealed its 'walking car' concept which has robotic legs that can walk over rough terrain.  Among its potential uses are bringing medical help and supplies to areas affected by natural disasters.

An interactive wood panel - the Mui interactive panel connects to the internet and acts as an interface for your home's connected devices.  With it, users can control smart devices, check the news, send and receive messages and much more.

A digital solution to lost home keys - with KeyHero you create a digital backup of your keys.  All you need to do is scan and save them to the KeyHero app. Then if you lose your keys you can return to the system and cut new ones without needing the original. 

CES runs until January 11. For more information visit its official website.  





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