Wireless Wacom

February 2, 2010 By Kristeen

In just a few short weeks Wacom will be introducing a wireless pen tablet, the Intuos4. The tablet charges over USB, and Bluetooth technology enables you to work as far as 33 feet away from your computer. The ambidextrous working area features eight customizable ExpressKeys with illuminated displays, a finger-sensitive touch ring that controls up to four different functions per application, and best-in-class integration with popular software applications.

The Intuos4 Wireless Grip Pen features Wacom’s new tip sensor technology delivering precise pressure control beginning with as little as a single gram of pressure. With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt recognition, the Intuos4 pen simulates like never before the natural feel and accuracy of working with traditional brushes, pens, and markers.

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