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October 19, 2017 By IdeaConnection

So you’re an inventor with a brilliant new product that you know is going to fly off store shelves.  Now all you need to do is find someone and convince them to buy it.  This is the part that trips up many people so consequently, their ideas never get the attention they deserve.  They greatly underestimate the time, effort and expertise that is needed.  Getting an invention to market is more than just having a great idea.  So wouldn’t it be handy to have an avenue for exposing your creation to interested parties?

Fortunately, there is an easier way to get the right people to notice your innovation and that is to crowdsell it through IdeaConnection.

Our crowdselling network of networks contains hundreds of members who are looking for inventions in numerous industries, from aeronautics to agriculture and marketing to medical devices. They have signed up to be crowdsellers because they are connected to or work for a company that needs new products or they are acting as brokers.

Crowdsell Your Invention

When you sign up to this service as an inventor we will carry your invention on our website for up to two years.  It will have its own web page where you can put photos, videos, drawings, a biography and a downloadable non-disclosure agreement.  With its rich source of content and more than one million visitors a year, the IdeaConnection website is highly rated by Google. You can increase your exposure still further by posting a link to your product’s page on your social media networks.

As soon as your page is published an instant email notification is sent to buyers who are looking for products in your industry category.  Additionally, we will include details of your innovation in one edition of our weekly newsletter which goes out to more than 40,000 subscribers.  To crowdsell your invention costs a one-off payment of just $49.95 per innovation, a small investment if your brilliant idea becomes a profitable success.

Once, someone has shown an interest in your invention they get in touch with you directly. IdeaConnection plays no part in the conversations and neither do we take a commission. What we do is put inventors and buyers together, helping to make the next big thing happen.

Protecting Your Invention

An almost universal fear among inventors is that somebody else will copy their ideas and profit from them.  Without formalized protection in place, there is always the possibility that someone could steal your invention.  If you are not ready to file a patent application file a provisional patent application instead.

The cost of preparing and filing one is significantly lower.  It also delays the need to file a non-provisional application, providing one year of protection.  For inventors, this is valuable time to find a licensee or secure funding for product development

A provisional patent application is recognized by more than 150 countries that are signatories to the Paris Convention, an agreement for the protection of intellectual property. In addition, provisional applications permit the use of the term “patent pending” in conjunction with the description of the invention.

For more information and to start the process of filing a provisional patent application click on this link to USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

Crowdselling Inventions Success Stories

When your invention is sold or licensed please do let us know.  We love hearing how ideas are moving from the drawing board to store shelves.

To start crowdseliing your invention, click here. Or if your invention is patented, crowdsell it here.



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