Introducing Window Washing and Firefighting Drones

November 23, 2018 By IdeaConnection

Aerone window cleaning droneWindow cleaning could soon be going very hi-tech.  A California-based company is developing huge drones to clean tall buildings. 

They're called Aerones and it's claimed they can clean 20 times faster than humans.

Each window washing drone is three meters wide, weighs about 55 kilograms and is tethered to the ground by a hose which also supplies the water. They can also be attached to the roofs of buildings to prevent them from crashing to the streets below. Onboard cameras allow a ground-based pilot to monitor what is going on.

The drones are equipped with 14 propeller blades, hoses and sponges, and can carry up to 440 pounds in weight.

If this innovative approach to window cleaning takes off, so to speak it could replace the human-operated cradles that are often seen suspended from tall buildings.

And There’s More…

Other applications of this drone technology include putting out fires in tall buildings, aiding firefighters who can’t get to the highest floors, and painting, de-icing and cleaning wind turbines.  A spokesperson for the company also said it is working on battery-powered drones for “rescue and delivery” purposes.

The Aerones company was founded by two Latvians, Dainis Kruze and Janis Putrams, in 2015. This year they won the Latvian-American Innovation Award for their wind turbine maintenance drone.

When 5G connectivity arrives, the startup says it will unlock even more possibilities with their drone technology such as streaming high-definition video to operators on the ground.

To see the Aerones in action watch the video below.


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