Robots Serving Coffee with Speed and Convenience

December 30, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Robots make coffeeFrom burger-flipping bots to droids delivering meals to diners' tables, robots are serving up several changes in the restaurant industry.

If you are passing through San Francisco International Airport during this holiday season, you'll be able to sip on a reviving cup of coffee prepared by a robot.

Cafe X recently opened a new robotic barista coffee bar at the transportation hub. The machine uses a robotic arm to make and serve coffee, tea and a variety of other drinks, and it can handle up to ten orders at a time. The aim is to provide customers with a speedy and efficient service.

"I had the idea of a robot making coffee after waiting over 30 minutes at an airport a few years ago," said Henry Hu, the founder and CEO of Cafe X.

Selecting Your Delicious Brew

Getting your hot drink couldn't be easier. Simply use the keypads to choose and pay for your drink, and within seconds, your fresh brew will be served. Among the beverages on offer are cappuccino, hot chocolate, iced caramel macchiato and iced matcha latte.

Cafe X already has three other robotic bar locations in San Francisco and plans to open more in other airports and other cities across the United States in the near future.

To see one Cafe X's robotic barista in action, watch the short video below.

For more information about Cafe X's robot innovations, click here.

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