Learning Lessons from Open Innovation Trailblazers

August 12, 2012 By IdeaConnection

Is open innovation for me? That’s a question that’s been chewed over time and again by CEOs and CIOs all across the planet.

If your organisation is still in two minds take a look at 40 Examples of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing on Stefan Lindegaard’s 15inno blog and get a closer view of how world beating organisations are using external sources of brainpower in their innovation portfolio.

It’s a great snapshot of what is happening in OI and crowdsourcing today.

Surely, one of the best ways to learn about open innovation is to look at trailblazers, those companies that have experimented with the paradigm shift and are successfully using it to innovate faster and bring new products to market.

In his timely post Stefan points to companies such as General Mills and its G-WIN program, Lego, Procter and Gamble, Psion, and Starbucks and provides links for the reader to investigate their OI initiatives in more detail.

Embracing Open Innovation

As conceptually elegant as it is, open innovation is not as easy as ‘A, B, C’. There are many different OI modes and picking the right one for your needs requires research and careful thought and consideration. You cannot just dive in and hope for the best.

But embrace it you must: “Companies are learning that they must embrace this paradigm shift of innovation in order to keep up with the competition and those that are lagging behind will find themselves to be in big trouble in the coming years,” writes Stefan.

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